Lets take a picture

Capturing that split second moment that later evokes emotion and conveys a story is challenging but what makes being a photographer so enjoyable. A photograph achieving this keeps that moment alive forever. Here are some of my favourite moments. 

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Aspen, Colorado

My favourite image from Aspen. 2017 wasn't the best year for snow, the forecast was ugly, sunshine every day. Christmas day so happened to throw down a 15inch snow dump. 

Melbourne, Night Noodle Markets

My home town, but having only just returned after some time away, i have a fresh view on this amazing city.

Te Anau, New Zealand, 

Yes this is a selfie. This photo i love, it was May in NZ and this morning brought the first snowfall of the winter. I was travelling from Milford Sound back to Queenstown and i was caught in Te Anua for a day as the roads were too hazardous. It turned out being one of the best days of the trip, i met a local photographer who was super cool, i ate some delicious food in the Te Anau restaurants while taking in these amazing views. 

Aspen, Colorado

Im yet to take a picture in Aspen that best represents how amazing the place is. The town sits at 8000 feet, and is surrounded by 4 ski mountains peaking at 12,000 feet. Snow and weather makes it hard to take a landscape picture that has really stood out for me yet, i just need to work on my winter photography skills. 

Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles

The lights, cars, people and buzz of Rodeo Drive had me all excited, firing my camera at everything. This was a favourite, taken in the days leading up to Christmas. Its all happening in on Rodeo Drive.

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

This is one of those places that is exactly how is looks in the movies. Amazing beaches, lovely people and just a great vibe. Gets me questioning why people would go to Bali? (I'm just not a fan of the place). You can get here on a budget or you can go all out, food and night life is fun and if you want some peace and quiet shoot over to one of the other islands. 

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen in a snow storm is the most magical place I've visited. 

Down Town, Los Angeles

 Santa Monica, Los Angeles,

This is a wall of a car park in Santa Monica. The footpaths here are normally packed so  I got up early this day with a goal of capturing an image of a single person walking below the balls. 

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Apparently a clear view of Cradle Mountains peak is rare sight. When its there, you get the post card photo. 

The Emporium, Melbourne

New York, USA

Name one person who has been to NYC and not loved it? This is a fairly popular spot for a winning instagram pic, Washington Street, Brooklyn shooting the Empire State building through Manhattan Bridge. Surely they built it this way with this picture in mind? 

Flatiron Building, New York

When in New York... the picture must be taken. 

New York Sunrise

Where is there a better view in New York?

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Beating crowds to popular attractions is the best way to experience a new city.

Coral Bay, Western Australia

While this is a picture of a boat, its the best way to describe how to see Coral Bay. On the water. The marine life is unlike any I've seen, swimming with turtles, sharks, manta rays whales and much more. Whats different? The emptiness. No bus loads of tourists, no lines to see attractions, no litter, no people, no worries.  

Eucla, Western Australia

When an opportunity to drive from the West Coast to the East Coast of Australia came up i took it. After five solid days of driving and some of the most amazing  places I've seen in Australia, i was convinced i need to do it again with more time up my sleeve. Eucla is an overnight stop on the boarder of Western Australia and South Australia. 

Milford Sound, New Zealand,

The drive to Milford Sound is good, if not better than Milford Sounds its self, and thats not to take away from the Sound, its amazing. This is a water fall a short walk from one of the stops on the way, about 20 minutes before reaching Milford Sound. 

Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand

Ask me where my favourite place in the world is? Queenstown. No question. There might be places more beautiful and more suited to my life style, i just haven't been there yet. For now, I'm ready to move to Queenstown when my wife says yes. Mountains to bike and landscapes to photograph, I'm sorted. 

Wine Glass Bay, Tasmania

The Mountains are my place. 

Aspen, Colorado


Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Waterfalls and mountains, Cradle Mountain is my favourite place in Tassie. Ive only taken one short trip there, so ill be back.