About Me

By far, the biggest challenge in photography (in my opinion) is not mastering the technical  functions of a camera, but finding a composition that is appealing to the viewer but also tells a story. For a photographer, the ability to tell a compelling story with an image is the difference between a good photographer and great one. I am driven to improve my story telling ability every time i pick up a camera.

When i first started, i liked the idea of creating an image, not just pointing and shooting. I love thinking about all the elements of the images and how they will come together - light, composition, shape, colour and emotion. As my experience behind the camera grows, the closer i feel I'm getting to creating truly memorable stories that allow the viewer feel like they were there...

If you have a story to tell and you would like to work together with me in telling it, let me know, id love to hear from you. 


There’s nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.
— Ansel Adams