Where It All Began

I think most people would remember their first mountain bike race. For me, its was the King of Ballarat, Black Hill and the first of many, many bike races.

More than 10 years later I'm back where it all began, and this time I'm photographing the next generation of rock star downhill mountain bikers. The KOB is the only racing you'll find in the winter here in Victoria so all of Vic's best turn up and you can bank on some wet roots and sloppy slopes! 

Thinking back, i remember Troy Brosnan raced here once, and I'm proud to say i beat him.. Yes, he might have been 13 years old at the time, but a win is a win!

Now, ten years on, Troys winning world cups, I'm taking photos and the King of Ballarat is going strong. Im here in Ballarat for round 3 of the series it's amazing to see where Club Mud has taken the event, the turn out is bigger than ever, the venue and trails are incredible considering the size of the hill, but most of all it’s still a whole lot of fun!.

Here are a few images to re cap the day;