New York - Urban Photography Bliss

Its doesn't matter what kind photographer you ask they will all say, NEW YORK is officially heaven for urban photography.

It has a little for everyone and a lot for people who love street and urban photography. I like the idea of street photography, but never really saw myself as someone who is brazen enough to just photograph random people in the street as they go about there lives, but in New York it just happens. Its easy!!.. Actually I shouldn't say its easy as you still need to piece together composition, light, timing, patience, camera settings etc, but there's just so much going on you don't need to walk far before you find something interesting to photograph.

Camera Gear for Urban Photography

Urban photography in NYC is a long way from the mountain bike trails and natural landscapes I am use to, so like a true amateur i packed every lens i owned, plus went out and brought two more just for the trip, including the Zeiss Batis 18mm (I love this Lens) which ill write a little about in another blog.

Lugging around a ton of kit, i broke my shoulders, and you know what? I ended up using one lens the whole trip, the 24 - 70 G Master 2.8. Yeah yeah i know its the most versatile lens... blah blah... its an obvious pick, but i really enjoy primes, so twisting my own arm, convincing myself to get it (and sold a kidney to pay for it) i loved it! The 55mm, the 18mm and the 85mm staying in the bag the entire trip!

Do your Planning

So, if you're planning a trip to NYC, a little home work goes along way as there are lots of images to capture, its a BIG city. Here is my Pinterest board CLICK HERE i put together prior to the trip, and my best advice is; travel light, take a versatile lens choice and get out and walk around.

The must see attraction which only opened in New York in 2016, so expect crowds; is the Oculus $4 billion dollar World Trade Centre train station. Located downtown in Greenwich, it replaces the station that was destroyed in the 9/11 event.

Dial up the exposure compensation inside as its like shooting in the snow because there is so much whiteness going on it will confuse your cameras automatic exposure reading and result in a grey picture.

An obvious stop for most travellers to New York is the Empire State Building and the view from is not to be missed. Do yourself a favour and book the sunrise session, its a little costly but you will beat two hour queues. The best part about this is only a small group of people go up each morning, oh and need i mention it's golden hour and who doesn't like to shoot a mega city 84 stories up at golden hour? Anyway, its back to Perth for, a bleak contrast to New Yorks Behemoth photography potential.