That's me, with my wife on our wedding day. It was a pretty special day. There aren't too many days like this, surrounded by family and friends in such a joyous celebration.

A little about me, I was born in Melbourne where i have lived most my life. My father is from Finland and my mother Australia, and i think the strange spelling of Eeeerik with too many e’s comes from the Finnish side of my family.

I moved to Perth for a few years and thats where i met my wife, Kasey. If you haven’t been to Perth, i suggest you go. Nice beaches, great wine and lots of sharks.


We moved back to Melbourne a few years ago now and we love it here.

Besides photographing weddings i have a love for the outdoors, adventure and most of all coffee. I have a thing where i like to make coffee anywhere i go. Long hike, yep ill be making coffee at the top.. Mountain biking the alps? don’t worry, i’ve packed the AeroPress!

Travelling is always top of my agenda, places where adventure awaits are my kind of places. If you’re getting married abroad, count me in!

That enough about me, i’m keen to find out more about you.

If you’re a chilled couple planning for a super fun day, then we’re going to get along really well.

I like to keep things simple and fun. But don’t worry, i take the photo capturing thing seriously. Together we’ll take some amazing photos!

Thanks for visiting my website and if you're looking for someone to capture the story of your wedding day, let's get a coffee!


0411 324 347